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Clutch Flip Pochette

This pochette is made with hand braided double faced satin ribbon, in a multitude of colours possibilities.
Ribbons can be large, tight or mixed.
The closing type can be plain flip or flip with fringes.
It can be plain or with a wrist.

I love to braid wonderful coloured satin ribbon, creating unique handbags for each occasion or dress.
For a wedding, a party, an elegant dinner or just a shopping afternoon: you have your unique piece, just yours.
Colours combination is chosen directly from you, or just got for the blockbuster Multicolour.
It is not a handbag, it is a jewel!

Price Range
EUR 450.00 – 850.00

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Product Description

Material Used
- Double faced satin ribbon
- Silk lining

Size / Dimension / Details
- Hand braided ribbons
- Flip closing
- Various sizes, generally 40X15 cm
- Ribbons are approximately 0.5 cm (very tight version), 1.2 cm (tight version) or 2.5 cm (large version)
- Can be designed with or without wrist
- Can be designed with fringes at flip’s end

This unique piece is totally handmade: each pochette is tailormade with respect to your wishes. Colours, sizes, wrist, and fringes: you can create your exclusive clutch flip.

Please send me a message for further details.

- Single colour
- Mixed colours
- Multicolour

- Large
- Tight
- Mixed (usually in the Multicolour)

Additional Information

Weight 1 g